Study Break – Adventures in Somalia

It’s been nearly a year since my last learning (b)log entry. In May last year I was ‘warned off’ for a deployment to Somalia which led to me taking a study break so that I could concentrate fully on the task in hand. The past few months have not been a complete loss in terms of photography. My camera came with me and I’ve posted a selection of the images below. To add some context:

In Sep 2015, the then Prime Minister pledged more UK military support to UN missions, particularly in Somalia and South Sudan. To that end, a composite sub-unit of soldiers from various Combat Support and Combat Service Support areas of expertise, was put together to deploy to Somalia to support the UN and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with Advice, Training and Mentoring. I deployed as a Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) advisor and as the units Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM).

Having returned to the UK nearly 2 weeks ago, I’m keen to get back to my studies, and time is short! I need to have C&N finished by 22 Jun and must complete level 1 by 8 Jan 18 which will be a push! I left midway through Assignment 4, and will be picking up where I left off with my research tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Study Break – Adventures in Somalia

  1. Thank goodness you came home safely and I do hope you’re fully recovered from what must have been a nasty bout of gastro-enteritis.

    Are you going to create a book of those photographs? A really interesting documentary project.

    Best of luck with finishing the rest of C&N.


    • Cheers Catherine. It’s great to be home. A book sounds like a good idea, but it will not be something I do any time soon. I’ll have my hands full with getting level 1 complete by January. And We’re moving to Dorset before December 😦


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