Reflection: Reading Photographs

During the Intro to part 4 of the course (Reading Photographs) we are asked:

“Can you think of any photographs that are not used as a means of expression or communication? Blog about them.”

Having spent a few days pondering the question, the simple answer is No.

Not every person with a camera has a desire to express themselves through photography, i.e. not all photographers are artists. But every photograph is taken for a reason. Even if taken accidentally, the photograph still has a subject and no matter how vernacular or banal, it can tell us something about that subject or the context in which the photograph was taken.

I’ve tried to consider each and every genre of photography in answering this question, from the family/holiday snap, right through to advertising, portraiture, landscape, evidential/forensic, architectural, abstract and scientific. Whether the photo simply communicates what the subject looks like, or a more profound narrative expression, each and every photograph says something. Doesn’t it?


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