Assignment 3 – Self Assessment

This post forms the Self Assessment to accompany Assignment 3 and is broken down into 3 parts:

1. Performance against the Assessment Criteria.

2. Performance against the Course Outcomes.

3. Moving forward.

The Assessment Criteria

1. Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills

Technically, I drew some inspiration for this assignment from TAOP Assignment 4, using lighting to create depth, form, texture and colour. I have purposefully used negative space and significant use of a simple black background to give emphasis to the subject so that it is ‘in your face’ and uncomfortable. By use of technical and visual skills I have attempted to create a sense of isolation and negative connotations

2. Quality of Outcome

I believe I’ve met the criteria of the assignment brief, and, given my self imposed Intent, my Assignment achieves its objective on a personal level. It is difficult to quantify the Quality of Outcome, as the photographs are very personal in nature. My idea of their quality will vary from that of others who may find them uncomfortable to view. I have applied the concepts taught in this phase of the course and have conceptualised my idea through a process of research which is evidenced in this log. I believe the work is coherent and works well as a set, however, I’m not sure about my chosen method of presentation on my blog (pages in a book).

3. Demonstration of Creativity

Although not wholly original as a concept, I have demonstrated a creative process through brainstorming and research, evidenced in this learning log, which has resulted in work that is personally motivating, and which is open-ended in terms of narrative, providing a great opportunity to follow this up at a later date.

4. Context

As for all assignments, my research, critical thinking and reflection (to follow from tutors feedback) is all documented here in my Learning Log. This assignment has been long overdue, but I have kept up to my studies with Gallery Visits, reflection on books that are part of the Essential Reading List, and as much as possible, it has been relevant to this assignment.

The Course Outcomes

1. How have I demonstrated a practical and conceptual understanding of the appropriate use of techniques in creating my images?

The conceptual understanding has been demonstrated in the exercises leading up to this assignment, along with research and reflection on contemporary artists and their practice in this genre. The images produced demonstrate the practical understanding and appropriate use of these techniques.

2. How have I demonstrated an emerging critical awareness and ability to translate ideas into imagery?

The posts detailing the development of this assignment demonstrate the ability to translate ideas into imagery through analysis of what I want to achieve and how I will achieve it. This is most obvious through the use of a diary that was kept for this assignment, followed by subsequent development of an idea along a theme from said diary. My emerging critical awareness is demonstrated by applying what I’ve learnt and read to the creative process, as well as demonstrating an understanding of contemporary practice and how I can apply the same techniques to achieve an effect.

3. How did I conduct research, development and production in response to the themes raised in this course?

Much of the research that I have conducted has been directed by the course material as exercises. On top of this, I have been making my way through the essential reading list which is documented in this log. For this assignment, my research has predominantly been web-based, along with developmental stages where ideas have been refined.

4. How have I shown a critical understanding of contemporary imagery in relation to historical practice and theory?

I have looked at both historical and contemporary images and their authors as part of my research for this assignment. I am beginning to see how historical practice has influenced contemporary practice and can identify where photography theory has played a part in the development of contemporary photography, particularly in relation to topics such as Semiotics, and how we read images. This is documented in the research posts and in the discussions of books on the essential reading list.

Moving Forward

1. Strengths and Weaknesses

What I feel is my biggest weakness is documented in part by this assignment, and that is poor motivation and drive to do ‘academic’ photography. Since Assignment 2, I have engaged a lot more with the student community which is helping. I am determined to pick up the pace and to finish C&N in the near future in order to progress onto bigger and better things. My strengths are my technical knowledge and perseverance.

2. What would I do differently?

I’m not sure this question applies to this assignment, given the personal nature of the subject I chose. If the Assignment works to keep me motivated, then the answer will be “Nothing”. If it fails, I will have to revisit it and ask “Why” before I decide what I would need to change.

3. What have I learned which I’ll take forward?

This part of the course has taught me that Self Portraiture takes many forms, and that there are a number of ways of communicating meaning through simple subject matter. Specifically, this assignment has taught me that we can look inwardly for interesting narratives as well as looking outwardly. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from my tutor feedback before moving forward.


3 thoughts on “Assignment 3 – Self Assessment

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  2. Been reading through your blog for the last couple of days. Really inspiring work. Currently working on EYV and looking forward to Context and Narrative.


    • Thanks very much. It’s not been updated in a while. I’m in the military and deploying overseas this week until January. Looking forward to picking it up again in 2017. Good luck with your studies.


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