Assignment 2 – Photographing the unseen

This post, along with prints sent to my tutor is my submission for Assignment 2 – Photographing the unseen.

The planning and research for this assignment, along with the assignment brief can be found here.


The unseen subject chosen for this assignment is Stress. Stress is both a physiological and psychological reaction to given circumstances. We have all suffered stress to some degree and can relate to the subsequent feelings and states of mind that stress causes, or which contribute to our levels of stress.

You will note from my previous posts that I had a great deal of difficulty generating ideas for a subject for this assignment. Stress is not something I can claim to be an expert in. I have a high tolerance for it, but have suffered from it. What I remember most about being under stress is the fact that I kept it hidden. We (people) have a tendency to just ‘get on with it’ and hide our stress from our bosses and colleagues. It is at home where the effects and symptoms tend to become visible and play themselves out – something which I wanted to convey in this assignment.

In small amounts, some stress can be a positive thing. It can focus the mind and improve productivity, but when a Challenge becomes a Threat, and circumstances seem to be beyond our control, stress levels can increase to a point where they are detrimental to both our physical and mental health. It is these more serious aspects of stress that I have tried to portray by focusing on the elements and feelings that a sufferer would go through, from something as simple as Denial, to the more extreme end of the scale i.e Depression. I have aimed to create images with sufficient meaning and content to stand alone, but which when viewed together combine to give the viewer a greater sense of understanding. The series, although not a photo essay, has a narrative theme and is intended to be viewed in a linear fashion as displayed below.

Stress Unseen:

Image 1


Image 2

Image 3

Anger & Despair

Image 4


Image 5

Bottling it up

Image 6

Image 7

A self assessment for this assignment can be found here.


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