Assignment 1 – Feedback and reflection

I received my tutor feedback for Assignment 1 a week ago, but due to working away, I’ve only just gotten around to posting it. Initially, my tutor told me that she would not send my feedback until she had received the prints, but as the Royal Mail seem to have lost them, she has sent me the feedback anyway.

This is the first assignment that I have made prints for. They were printed at 9″x6″ on Lustre, with a 1/2″ handling border around each edge, as recommended by my tutor. When I received them, I was very impressed with the quality and colour reproduction (thanks to a colour managed printing process), but they were just a tad soft in some areas (but not noticeable to the untrained eye). I think that this is because I sharpened the images for “screen” as opposed to “print”, and is something I need to look into further. The cost was very reasonable, and I shall definitely use the same print lab in future ( I am deeply disappointed that despite sending them 1st class recorded, the Royal Mail have mislaid them, and I have not had the opportunity for tutor feedback on them.

Below is a “Cut and Paste” of my tutor feedback. My reflective thoughts are in red italics.

Tutor report

Student name Adam Newsome Student number 512403
Course/Module C&N Assignment number 1

Overall Comments

Your thorough approach to the module has meant that you have already done a lot of work which I can see is feeding into the way you have approached your assignment. This is great to see, and very encouraging as I wrote the course. Well done for committing yourself I have no doubts that it will result in stronger practical work as you are already beginning to produce.

I’m very sorry to read that you experienced an attack when out shooting for this assignment.

Very positive and encouraging overall comments. No defined or outlined areas to work on – must keep it up.

Assessment potential

You may want to get credit for your hard work and achievements with the OCA by formally submitting your work for assessment at the end of the module. More and more people are taking the idea of lifelong learning seriously by submitting their work for assessment but it is entirely up to you. We are just as keen to support you whether you study for pleasure or to gain qualifications. Please consider whether you want to put your work forward for assessment and let me know your decision when you submit Assignment 2. I can then give you feedback on how well your work meets the assessment requirements.”

Yes, I intend to go for formal assessment. Must remember to inform tutor when submitting A2.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

First of all it was a good idea to give yourself a research proposal. This helps formulate ideas that are just beginning to form in your mind and helps you stick to the purpose of your project throughout. I always recommend writing about your work right through the process for these reasons.

It seems like you have a strong work flow in practice. Great.

Overall the idea of this project is quite good. Although not outrageously original, I have seen this approach a few times now, you have articulated it well and produced images that capture the two very opposing sides very well with some outstanding stand alone images. I particularly love the abandoned sofa!

Technically the photographs are good, showing a good eye and strong composition and exposure and use of available light.

As an overall outcome the final production does effectively what you set out to achieve. Indeed these two sets of pictures do not appear to be the same place and show the artifice of photography as a tool to be molded in whatever way you like! This is what I wanted you to get from this assignment – to understand that photography is putty in your hand. To be shaped to say whatever you want it to say. That with careful editing and a strong idea photographs can communicate anything you want them to. This is something to push forward in the next assignment…

These are very positive comments, and I can’t help but wonder if the lack of criticism and areas for improvement is down to this being the first assignment? Is my tutor being kind in order to motivate me for the rest of the course? In regards to originality, I agree with my tutor, and could have perhaps tweaked my approach to make it a little more original.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays


Your blog is very well laid out with thorough documentation and is easy to navigate – music to my ears!

I was encouraged by your analysis. The level with which you engage with your reading materials is beyond most level 1 students I encounter. Keep it up! I particularly like dhow you summarized the point of the article or book and provided your own reflections on it sometimes mentioning other reading you had come across and noted how they related to one another. Excellent.

Your self assessment is critical and self aware.

Again, this is very encouraging. I intend to maintain this in order to ensure success at assessment.

Suggested reading/viewing


The course should provide you with enough to be getting on with for mow but in direct response to this assignment and issues you raise for further study you might be interested in the following:

Keith Arnott – Areas of outstanding beauty

Anna Fox – Basingstoke and The Village

Pointers for the next assignment

Drawing upon what I said above – that photographs have the power to be molded according to their author – what do you want your photographs to do for you? How will you make them do it?

Photographing the unseen – how can you make photographs tell a story in a metaphorical way? This short TED blog might provide some sparks. They are talking about spoken metaphors but how might you relate this to imagery?

Tutor name Sharon Boothroyd
Date 12 Jan 2015
Next assignment due 12 March 2015

I am really pleased with this feedback, not only because I am proud of the work that I achieved, but because I have a lot of admiration for my tutor and her work. I feel that I’ve set myself a strong benchmark for this course and the remainder of the assignments. I am now about to embark on a study break due to work commitments and intend to submit my next assignment in mid-late April.


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